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From: 2011-05: Parents at Yuki Sushi

hotate, uni, kampachi
From: 2011-05: Yuzu 7th Anniversary

Uni and Ikura rolls.
From: 2011-05: Sushi Dinner at Home

More uni. A whole tray is something of a chore to finish even if you love the stuff, I think.
From: 2011-05: Sushi Dinner at Home

Uni Anancini
From: 2011-04: Pebble Beach

Also a spicy scallop roll ( Jackie roll ), Uni.
From: 2011-04: Yuki Sushi

Uni came with quail eggs on top. In the end, though the sushi was pretty good, the high prices don't make it a good deal.
From: 2011-04: Michi Sushi

From: 2010-11: RM Seafood

From: 2010-11: Urasawa

From: 2010-11: Urasawa

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