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2011.04.20  Psycho Donuts in Campbell
TAGS: donut, campbell, dessert

We saw Psycho Donuts on our way to Michi sushi - it's not really that far from our home, but it's a place we don't drive by very often. We thought we'd stop in for dessert, and we found that the owner was manning the counter that evening.

He told us about a wine/donut pairing, which there will be more posted about later.

He also gave us a free calendar, though we only bought one $3 donut.

They did an elaborate calendar this year. We met the owner manning the counter, and he gave us a copy for free. It is April, after all.

They had lots of creative flavors, and seem to be able to make a donut that tastes good with just the right combination of heaviness and lightness.

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