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2012.05.10  Sent Sovi Foie Dishcrawl
TAGS: dishcrawl, saratoga, sent sovi, foie

2012.04.09  Plumed Horse Foie Benefit
TAGS: saratoga, foie, dinner

2011.09.29  Duckman IV: Addicted to Quack
TAGS: sent sovi, saratoga, dinner

2011.08.31  Dishcrawl Saratoga
TAGS: saratoga, dishcrawl, sent sovi

2011.06.06  Pre-Birthday Dinner at Plumed Horse
TAGS: dinner, saratoga, birthday

2011.05.25  Sent Sovi Mushroom King
TAGS: sent sovi, saratoga, dinner

2010.09.30  Duckman Dinner 2010
TAGS: sent sovi, saratoga, dinner

2010.07.29  Midsummer Night's Dinner
TAGS: sent sovi, saratoga, dinner, food

2010.06.01  Plumed Horse
TAGS: dinner, saratoga

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