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2011.04.21  Yuki Sushi
TAGS: dinner, sushi, san jose

We've wanted to visit this little neighborhood Japanese restaurant for a while now, having stopped by with my parents when they were closed over Christmas.

It's well reviewed, and it turns out it's also very busy when open. We called ahead for a reservation and were seated immediately at the sushi bar when we showed up, despite some line.

We've been looking for a place with good Japanese comfort food since my mom is looking for that sort of thing since she visits. Most good places these days seem to put more emphasis on their sushi or their izakaya stuff, so it is really hard to find.

This place did pretty well. The food was quite decent, and excellent for the price We'll no doubt be back with my parents.

Sho Une was ... okay, but not stellar. $14.95, too.

Soba noodle dish as a sort of amuse. It was quite good, acutally.

We got a sashimi assortment.

Also a spicy scallop roll ( Jackie roll ), Uni.

Nabeyaki Udon was sort of the star of the meal, despite all the nice raw fish.

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