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2011.05.15  Halfmoon Bay
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Sam's Chowder House has this lobster festival in Halfmoon Bay. Not too much to look at, in the end.

Steamed Lobster

The line for Sam's Chowder House truck to buy some lobster rolls. We did not go for that, as you can find the truck elsewhere with a much smaller line.

Note the flowering iceplant - that purple patch in the distance.

Lines left by the waves. Note the coarse sand; Montara is a pretty violent place.

Plants growing down the seacliffs. Chunks erode off there all the time.

A small stream disappears into the sand just before it reaches the sea.

Cracks in the rock filled with other rock.

So, these guys had a lawnmower engine hooked up to what appeared to be a winch and a hundred yards of cable attached to a little handle...

Kind of like waterskiing down the beach.

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