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2011.04.20  Michi Sushi
TAGS: sushi, dinner, campbell

Linda found this place since they were handing out free hand rolls at the grand opening of the Tesla dealership in the Santana Row mall. Not that we're in the market for a Tesla at this point... Anyway, they also gave her a coupon.

The place is apparently popular on Yelp ... but the prices are about the highest I've seen for a neighborhood place. They also have a much-too-large menu of more than 100 types of roll.

In the end, the food was good, but even with the coupon, it was not a great deal. The place was a little run down, and we probably won't be back.

It is a medium sized restaurant. Not all that clean when we were there, and what customers were present that early were mostly families with small kids.

They have literally 100 or more rolls like this on the menu. This has spicy sauce and a LOT of tempura flakes, among other things.

Also a spicy scallop roll.

They are also sort of famed for their salads ... and for being an early practitioner of modern sushi style.

Uni came with quail eggs on top. In the end, though the sushi was pretty good, the high prices don't make it a good deal.

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