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2004.09.11  Pacific Grove Triathlon
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Linda's Transition Station

To the Pacific Ocean

Getting ready in the morning.

Pacific Grove Firefighters lining up for the 9/11 ceremonies.

1160 - a coincidence?

Linda's 9/11 Honoree.

Flags placed for 9/11

Cousins Tom and Kailane wave hello

Cousins John and Robbie

Robbie and the chair-stroller

Linda's almost suited up!

Now she's ready.

Brrr... this is cold water.

A last minute hug

In the chute.


Into the first turn.

On the way back to shore

Out of the water for the turn-around.

Bicycle Start!

And she's off!

... followed closely by John, doing the sprint.

... and Tom, moments later.

Now it's the run.

Finally, the finish! Almost exactly 4 hours.

Post-race family photo


Linda's Team-in-Training Honorees

A closer look at the finisher's medal

That's where our registration fees went!


Back to the water for the 2nd lap.

Down the beach trail.

Surrounded by other Team-in-Training runners.

On the way to the swim.

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