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2010.01.10  New York Trip, January 2010
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Packed for a week in New York!

Crossed a lot of snowy country.

Linda's Dad and his little brother.

Our first White Castle experience ... ever!

Took a walk behind Aunt Ping's house. It was very cold that day.

Some old school friends came to Linda's Dad's birthday party.

Cousin Willis & Linda

Tables set at Jade Asian Restaurant.

First Course was a lobster with noodle salad.

Linda's Dad blew out the candles before anyone could get a photo.

Linda's Dad, his brothers and sisters.

Mahjongg at youngest uncle's house.

Went to a Korean/Chinese restaurant for lunch.

Linda's cousin and aunt from Taiwan.

We all chipped in for lottery tickets. We did not win.

Our first indication of Manhattan. Surprisingly, there was not an excessive amount of honking for such a big city.

Linda's eldest Aunt's home on the shore.

Things were kind of frozen.

View from our hotel room in Manhattan.

We were in the garment district, technically. Just south of Times Square.

First night dinner at Babbo - one of Mario Batali's restaurants.

Hot dog and papaya milk from Gray's Papaya.

We went to visit the American Museum of Natural History.

They have a lot of dioramas, but nothing really alive...

A lot of meteorites. This is the largest on display anywhere in the world.

The oldest building has a very impressive collection of northwest artifacts.

This is a cloth spun from the silk of golden orb spiders in Madagascar.

This is part of Alfred Russel Wallace's personal collection of natural history objects.

They had a lot of gemstones on display.

Including several star sapphires.

Also a very nice collection of fossils.


The Willamette Meteorite, originally found near Portland, Oregon.

We stopped to check out the location of Per Se restaurant, where we were going to take Linda's Dad for his birthday.

We also briefly walked in Central Park.

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