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2009.11.25  Thanksgiving 2009
TAGS: sharedpix, travel, las vegas, los angeles

Our room at the Wynn Encore

Neat fishtank in the mall at Caesar's

Restaurant Guy Savoy

A lot of carts were there...

Sadly, not our best fine dining experience - really poor service in the end.

Where you can get work at a casino.

Display in the lobby restaurant at Encore.

Fish case at Bartolotta.

Courtyard at Bartolotta.

What goes where...

We went hiking at Red Rock.

A cooking demonstration with Alex Stratta.

Linda and Alex Stratta.

Volcano at the Mirage.

Sushi dinner at Okada in the Wynn.

Bouchon Brasserie.

Water Apples.

Blood Mary Bar

John, Jackie and Linda in front of Magic Castle.

The famed Magic Castle.

Dinner at Animal.

French Fry Truck

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