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2011.04.26  Linda vs Habanero Dosa
TAGS: san francisco, dinner, food, challenge

The Habanero Dosa at Dosa restaurant is not actually meant to be a challenge - it's just meant to be a good food for people who like HOT food.

Still, it is quite challenging to eat.  I tried a bite of the thing that did not have much habanero sauce, and I can confirm that the level is somewhat challenging.

Not so large, quite crowded and loud. We did not have to wait for our reserved table, however.

South Indian Moons: Chef's selection of five different Uttapams

Special Shrimp Curry, which was hot enough for me.

The Habanero Dosa. Somehow that triangular fold just *looks* menacing.

Came with sambar, ordered an extra side of raita just in case.

Winner this Round: LINDA!

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