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2011.04.23  Inaugural KraftBrew Fest
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The first South Bay KraftBrew festival was organized by Naglee Park Garage and hosted in an old hall near San Jose State University. We went there on the advice of our friend Peter, who blogs about the South Bay beer scene. Brewers represented included Allagash, Anderson Valley, Flying Dog, Ommegang, North Coast, Port, Tied House, Bear Republic, Lost Coast, Russian River, Telegraph, and several Belgian breweries.

The event was free admission and pay-as-you-go, with tastes going for $2-$3, and food ranging up to $8.  Like many such events, they had a ticket system where you had to buy tickets and then use the tickets to get the food.

Not on the face of it an enticing proposition, but in fact we got what we wanted to eat and drink for $20/person... a reasonable deal.

$8 worth of mussels. Not all of them were open.

The mussels that were completely open were quite good.

Linda getting sauces for our food - there was homemade ketchup, several kinds of mustard, and some sort of aioli intended for the fries.

The festival hall - San Jose Women's Club.

There were quite a number of breweries present, lined up along the walls, with a pretty wide selection from real Belgians to US Belgians to strong IPA's. Pliny the Elder was on tap for $3/glass - a good deal.

The food line got kind of long.

I found myself missing my house downtown, with the older architecture and mature trees.

Naglee Park Garage provided food. The pork sandwich was excellent. $8 again.

Beer bubbles.

Ramon used to work at Whole Foods in Los Altos, but is now doing more with homebrew and a clothing line.

On the right is Ron Manabe from Tied House - a friendly guy and one of the really early craft brewers in the area.

The Belgian Beer came in bottles. $3 for a taste.

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