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2011.07.18  Quince for Linda's Birthday
TAGS: dinner, san francisco, birthday

Tastes to start including corn silk, fried spaghetti and beet cake.

Melon wrapped around spot prawn tartare.

Personal baguettes and pepper/parmesan cracker.

Goat and Cow milk butters.

Red Abalone with cucumber, red currant and balsamic.

Tomato, Sea Urchin, Radish and Squash.

Raviolo Gigante Della Casa = eggplant, tomato, corn, ricotta cheese and zucchini

Tagliolini with Sea Scallop, caviar and lemon verbena.

Raviolo Reassembled.

Angolotti Dal Plin - Rabbit, porcini, fava bean and chard.

Fagotelli with Maine Lobster, English Pea and Nasturtium.

Suckling Pig; sour cherry, eggplant, onion.

Black Sea Bass, young leek, garlic and chanterelle mushroom.

Beaufort Cheese Souffle

Cheese Cart - a very good one.


Lemon-Lime Sable

Chocolate Praline.


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