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2011.06.09  Interns Make Sushi
TAGS: cooking, dinner, parties, sushi

2011.05.12  Yuzu 7th Anniversary
TAGS: sushi, sashimi, dinner, san carlos

2011.05.08  Sushi Dinner at Home
TAGS: dinner, sushi, cooking

2011.04.21  Yuki Sushi
TAGS: dinner, sushi, san jose

2011.04.20  Michi Sushi
TAGS: sushi, dinner, campbell

2011.03.19  Hana Japanese Restaurant
TAGS: dinner, sushi, food

2011.03.13  Sushi at Home
TAGS: sushi, cooking

2010.11.20  Urasawa
TAGS: sushi, los angeles, food, dinner

From: 2011-07: CUESA Summer Celebration

From: 2011-05: Parents at Yuki Sushi

From: 2011-05: Parents at Yuki Sushi

From: 2010-11: RM Seafood

From: 2009-11: Okada at Wynn Las Vegas

From: 2005-12: Tahiti Christmas Cruise

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