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2011.05.09  Edgewood Eats
TAGS: food, food trucks, family, dinner

It's become a weekly event, held in the parking lot of a barely functional shopping center just off 101 and Embarcadero in Palo Alto.  Not overly crowded, but there were some long lines for the popular trucks.

They apparently rotate trucks weekly.  Helen and John had been the previous week, and Linda had been before to bring stuff back home, but I had never seen it.  So we brought a tray table and a couple camp stools and met Helen, John and Robbie for some good company and good food.

It was a nice day for it, though it got cold when the sun went down.

A relatively new truck. They were extremely slow, making everything painfully to order.

Paneer Kathi Roll

Fried Milk from

Shrimp and Duck tacos from

Tofu Bun from Chairman Bao

Finally, the sun sets enough to get a picture of the whole parking lot.

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