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2011.05.29  Halfmoon Bay and Brunch at Navio
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We had won brunch for two at Navio in a charity auction a while ago, and so had to go there before the end of June when the certificate expired.  This is the restaurant in the Ritz Carlton hotel in Half Moon Bay - a smallish, very fancy place, but kind of out of the way, and usually windy and cold.

It was a good day for it - sunny, but with high winds.  We got a nice table for two by a window and watched preparations for an Indian wedding ceremony as well as pelicans and seagulls flying by.

The Ritz had recently been written up in some column or blog where the author raved about the buffet - it was good, but not quite as good as it might have been made out to be.

It was a very windy day.

(domestic) caviar flowed freely. Trout, paddlefish and whitefish in the back.

Cheese Plate - Brie de Mieux, a French Goat Cheese ( Chavignol?) , Pierre Robert, and Roquefort.

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