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2010.04.19  Boston Marathon 2010
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Linda at the start line on a tour.

Cannoli in North End

Arrival at the Airport.

Waiting for the metro at the airport station.

Part of the view from our room at the Omni Parker House hotel.

Went to the expo for packet pickup.

A mysterious underground Trader Joe's across from the convention center.

Parker Hosue Rolls at the Omni Parker Hotel.

Boston Cream Pie

I walked to the flour bakery while Linda went on a tour of the course.

Very popular bakery - they were out of sticky buns. :(

But I got donuts.

T-rex attacks the ducks.

We went on a tour in an amphibious vehicle called a Duck.

An interesting control panel.

Our tour guide ... you may draw your own conclusions.

He let the kids drive.

Linda's Ready for the Marathon. Or at least dressed for it.

I went for a walk around town. This is Faneuil Hall.

Leonard Zakim bridge - where the Big Dig emerges.

Fire Escape Graffiti on the edge of the North End.

Flat Fish grow here.

7-11 in the financial district, complete with gold lettering.

Durgin Park is rightly famous for serving traditional food at a good price.

We are in Ben and Jerry's country ... but more on that later.

Re-enactors taking a break.

Linda finished in almost record time, but it took forever to find her among the crowds. Congratulations, Linda!

We went to Durgin Park to celebrate - with Boston baked beans.

And more Boston Cream Pie!

Street Performers outside Fanueil Hall.

More celebration.

Went to visit Harvard ... in our fair city.

Still celebrating, with ice cream.

Car Pahked in Hahvahd Yahd.

Legal Seafood Lobster Roll.

Statue of 3 lies, Harvard.

Went to see the glass flowers.

Glass Aristolochia.

They also had some cool eggs there.

On the MIT, just down the road.

Green Building.

Students with weather balloon.

Next day - took a tour of Fenway Park.

We got to go down on the field.

At Atlantic Seafood.

Went up to the top of the John Hancock Tower.

Next day, rented a car and drove through New Hampshire to Vermont.

Visited Ben and Jerries in the rain between tour busses.

They have a cool flavor graveyard where they commemorate fallen flavors.

Stopped by a maple farm on the way back.

They were definitely doing it the modern way.

They also had a cool informational video.

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