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2011.11.26  e - Jose Andres

Gin & Tonic

Spanish "Clavel" & Carmelized Pork Rinds


Apple "Brazo de Gitano"

Nitro Almond Cup

Crispy Chicken Skin in Escabeche

Jose Taco ( caviar, jamon iberico bellota )

Olivea Sferica Ferran Adria

Bocata de "Calamares" (Actually Uni...)

Cava Sangria

Artichoke "Puree" with Vanilla

Lobster with Citrus & Jasmine

Chickpea Stew with Iberico Ham

Turbot with Bone Marrow

Rosemary Wild Mushrooms in Papillote

Chef presenting the Iberico Pork

Secreto of Iberico Pork with Squid

Orange Pith Puree la Serena

Sous Chef - she did most of the talking ... and cooking.


This is the drink that was being flamed.

Pan Con Chocolate

Arroz con Leche

25 Second Bizcocho

Fizzy Paper

"Air" Chocolates


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