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2011.04.28  Pebble Beach
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In the past few years, we've made it a point to attend one event at the Pebble Beach Food and Wine festival.  They get the really famous chefs from all over the country - lots of guys from Chicago this time especially.

Unfortunately, the Thursday tasting was quite crowded - not so much in terms of having to wait for food, but in terms of one's ability to move about.  We've been to events before at the Inn at Spanish Bay, but this one seemed more crowded than most.

Welcomed by taiko drummers.

Lamb from the Viking range demo station. Surprisingly good.

Desserts outdoors, they were later moved inside due to extremely high winds.

Foie Gras dish from the hotel.

Prepping Lobster crepes.

Uni Anancini

Gale Gand's donuts.

Linda speaking to Gale Gand about visiting Chicago and Tru.

Foie gras on toast from Sage restaurant.

Ahi tartare from Roy's

Charcuterie from some Chicago restauranteur.

The lobster crepes in some stage of manufacture.

Finished lobster crepe.

Nancy Oakes plates a ravioli.

Yigit Pura

Tim Cushman

Grahan Elliot

Graham Elliot with Foie Lollipops aka foillipops.

Richard Reddington from Redd in Yountville.

Jacques Pepin

French deviled egg served by Claudine Pepin

Another pepin egg dish.

Char Siu Quail ... supposedly.

Shrimp from Michel Richaud

Fried shrimp from Michel Richaud.

Ed Kenney from Hawaii prepared a lot of dishes featuring Hawaiian wild boar.

Head Cheese with strawberries.

Lobster Bisque

Foie gras macarons.

Passionfruit cake by Ming Tsai.

Chocolate/mushroom cake by Ming Tsai.

Linda tasting at the Twomey/Silver Oak table.

I want a beer glass this big.

Claudia Fleming

Passionfriut/coconut/tapioca dessert. One of the best things there.

Risotto from a local restaurant - very salty.

Lobster dish with soy milk foam from Michael Cimarusti

Michael Cimarusti of Providence Restaurant in LA

Linda with Gale Gand

Linda liked this sparkling wine a lot.

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