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2010.06.26  French Laundry
TAGS: dinner, yountville, laundry

The Extended Tasting Menu - done by request, about twice as many dishes. We sat down around 11:15AM and did not finish until around 4:30pm.


Salmon cones

Fennel Soup

Farmed White Sturgeon Caviar ...

... with black pepper madelines.

Monterey Bay Abalone

Farmed Toro Tuna


Ama Ebi

Truffle Egg Custard

Head Cheese

Albert's Favorite Butter(Adannte Dairy)

Heart of Palm Salad

Bread: Mini Baguette and Sourdough.

Bread: Multigrain and Pretzel

Tagliatelle with Australian Black Truffles

Salt Roasted Branzino


Took a break to visit the garden...

Mousetrap among the strawberries.

Hawaiian Molokai Black Sale, Kauai Red Salt, Montana mined Jurassic Salt, Sel Gris, Fleur de Sel and some sort of Hokkaido snowy salt.

Sauteed Foie

Rabbit Sirlong and Rack

Cap of Beef

Cheese Course Breads - raisin, nut and white.

Puits d'Astier Cheese

Peach Sorbet

Coffee and Doughnuts

Summer Trifle

Plum Tart ( not on menu )

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