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2011.04.25  Paul Simon at Davies Hall
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Linda has been a great fan and sometime follower of Paul Simon for many years now.  We had kind of thought that nearing 70, he would be slowing down, but he has a new album out and is on tour.

Unfortunately, his voice was already pretty shot just ten days into the thing, but it was good to see him and a lot of the musicians he's been touring with for years.  The audience was enthusiastic, and despite any vocal issues, it was an awesome show.

We went to the Charles Phan restaurant called Heaven's Dog that is just blocks away on Mission after the show.  It is supposedly open late, though appears to close whenever things slow down enough.

They have his signature brand of Asian fusion cuisine, but also have a *very* nice bar program with lots of well-made cocktails available, mostly rum based.  The bar has a plentiful and deep selection of other spirits, however, and the bartenders were quite friendly, especially after I got them to make me a "Last Word".

Tickets for box seats. X-box seats.

Davies hall is right by City Hall...

Davies Hall - where the symphony normally plays.

Linda on the balcony.

View ( blurry ) from the box.

I love Davies Hall - brilliant acoustics by all accounts, including mine.

We went to Heaven's Dog afterwards.

A strange Belgian beer brewed with some sweet gale instead of hops.

Spicy Wontons

Vegetarian Pork Belly


Grilled Sardines. We also had asparagus, which was good, but which I forgot to take a picture of.

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