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2004.10.20  Linda and Albert's China Trip
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Shanghai - Day 1. View from the hotel room

View directly below the hotel window

Chinese McDonalds. We did not buy anthing this time.

In the early morning, we went to Xiangyang Park and saw many people out practicing Tai Chi and other arts.

Pietro Restaurant - A Japanese Italian restaurant in China... we had dinner here one night.

We went to the Shanghai Museum.

Ceramic Dog

A huge set of bells.

1000 Buddhas

Statues outside the Shanghai Museum.

Rest Stop on the way to Suzhou - site of stinky tofu sales.

Chinese English is even more fun than Japanese English.

The Leaning Pagoda of Suzhou.

Money does grow on trees.

A huge Bonsai garden.

There were a lot of mosaics in the gardens we visited.

This is the Master of Nets garden in Suzhou. Very similar to the chinese garden in Portland, OR.

Dr. Sun Yat-sen Mausoleum in Nanjing. It is huge.

Actually, the view looking down or up is the most impressive part.

Japanese Damage

At the Ming Tomb, Nanjing

Nanjing Botanical Garden

Animals in front of the Ming Tomb.

Area in front of the Confucian Temple in the center of town.

We ate outdoors at a very expensive restaurant ( maybe $15/person for something like 30 courses ).

We were served turtles here.

View from the restaurant at night.

At ?? Park in Nanjing.

Buddhist vegetarian restaurant in Nanjing.

View from high up Jin Mao tower in Shanghai. We had dinner at a buffet there.

Jin Mao Tower from the bottom.

Shanghai at Night

Pearl TV Tower ... again.

View from almost the top of Pearl TV Tower. We waited two hours to get to the top, and this view is actually better - no windows.

Conservatory in Shanghai Botanical Garden. Over six stories high - a very impressive structure.

Yuyuan Garden, Shanghai.

Dragon Wall at the Yuyuan in Shanghai.

Famous dumplings - 2 hour line. We got nothing but pictures.

The Bund.

Shanghai Skyline from the Bund.

Traffic on the Huangpu River.

Strange Fruit.

10 minutes walk from the hotel.

Probably the most intersting parts of the buildings in the Forbidden City are the ceilings. Followed closely by the roofs.

Some sort of Chinese Gargoyle.

Animals on the corners of the roofs. For protection.

Channels for floating wine cups.

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