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2004.12.25  A Short Trip to Taiwan
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You know that restaurant in the middle of the LA Airport?

We ate at it.

Statue Yard.

Betel Nut Girl

We visited a port area with a bridge.

Climbed over the bridge.

Looking out at the strait.

There were some boats out of the water and some cats here.

Went to a fish market.

Fried squid shop.

Nice live shrimp.

Lots of mantis shrimp.

Beautiful cuttlefish.

We bought a beltfish.

Meal at some sort of maybe Hakka restaurant.

Walked around at night, visited the night market.

Our hotel was decorated for Christmas.

Some kind of shrine.

Taiwan is the original home of bubble tea, but it was difficult to find any.

Our friend Eric came all the way up from Kaohsiung to see us ... and even brought his family.

Small cars - most transportation was by scooter.

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