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2011.06.04  Psycho Donut Contest
TAGS: challenge, donut, campbell

2011.06.03  Donut and Wine Pairing at J Lohr
TAGS: donut, wine, san jose

2011.04.23  Psycho Donut Pairing
TAGS: donut, wine, soquel

2011.04.20  Psycho Donuts in Campbell
TAGS: donut, campbell, dessert

Here is it in all its glory.
From: 2011-04: Psycho Donut Pairing

Creme Brulee Donut

Tres Leches Donut

Coffee and donuts.
From: 2008-07: French Laundry

Tahitian cuisine is a strange mixture of French, Chinese and Polynesian foods. Hence the presence of Chow Mein Sandwiches...
From: 2005-12: Tahiti Christmas Cruise

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