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2011.05.08  Sushi Dinner at Home
TAGS: dinner, sushi, cooking

We made sushi and assorted sides for dinner again - it's a lot cheaper than going out.  And a whole tray of uni ( sea urchin roe ) for $7 on sale at the local Japanese grocery was put to good use.  It must be in season down in Southern California as this was some of the least expensive and also best tasting uni we've had anywhere ... including that flown in from Hokkaido.

I tried my hand at making the hand rolls and those little rice ball rolls that are usually made to serve uni and ikura.  Got it mostly right this time, including a miniature one that actually fit in Linda's mouth.

Uni and Ikura rolls.

Spicy sesame green beans.

The fastest cucumber and red onion salad I've ever made thanks to the food processor slicing disk.

Mini-ikura roll and a hand roll with last scraps of everything.

Margarita marinated ikura. In tequila, lime juice and salt ... believe it or not it was pretty good.

Scallop and hirame ( halibut ) inside a shiso leaf.

More uni. A whole tray is something of a chore to finish even if you love the stuff, I think.

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