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2011.05.25  Sent Sovi Mushroom King
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A relatively intimate dinner.

Wines of Burgundy. And summer truffles.

Passed appetizers included this baby shiitake and ramp fritter.

Piopini Salad.

Bacon Wrapped Yanagi Matsutake Mushrooms.

Foie Gras Canape with Tartufata and Apple

Chef Josiah Shaving Truffles

Simple Summer Truffle Risotto

And extra wine.

An extra course: Goose Prosciutto, Apricots, Porcini.

Shaved Lamb Tongue Salad with Morel Mushrooms and English Peas.

Fiber Course.

Todd and Josiah.

Okay. Just kidding about the fiber course. But what is this?

Summer Truffle, Hamachi and Foie Gras in a jar. Best dish of the evening.

Briased Monkfish Cheeks Au Vin

New York Mignons with Condensed Porcini...

and shaved truffle.

Another extra, brought in by Phil.

Candy Cap Mushroom Bavarian with Candied Hazelnuts.

Again, Todd and Josiah.

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