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2011.04.23  Psycho Donut Pairing
TAGS: donut, wine, soquel

This little winery in the Santa Cruz Mountains has some relationship with the guys at Psycho Donuts in Campbell. We went to a wine/donut pairing there a while ago, and when we stopped into the Psycho Donut shop the other day, the owner told us about this event.

It turns out he's trying to get his shop onto a reality tv show, and they were shooting a pilot episode at the donut pairing that day. He'd come up with a pretty cool four-part filled donut for the pairing, where each part was supposed to go with a different wine.

The pairings were pretty good, at least with the somewhat sweet wines they have at Poetic cellars. Th reds worked especially well. Unfortunately, the tasting was marred a bit by the directorof the shoot, who tried to get everyone to do the thsame thing at the same time, and kind of bossed us through the tasting.

It was a long drive, but an interesting experience.

The new innovation: a four-in-one donut.

Here is it in all its glory.

Note that each part has its own flavor and filling.

They were shooting a pilot for a reality show featuring Psycho Donut.

Note the really bossy producer/director who was trying to get people to do the same thing at the same time...

Psycho donut theme nurse.

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