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2007.09.20  Oregon and Crater Lake 2007
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We drove up through Oakville and then over to I5.

This is during winemaking season at V. Sattui Winery.

Stayed the night at Railroad Park just under the Castle Crags in Northern California.

They have some cool railroad stuff there.


These cabooses are converted into hotel rooms of a sort.

On the Shasta Dinner Train

McDonald's in Weed has a nice view.

Crater Lake Lodge in Crater Lake NP

Wizard Island

This has got to be one of the best places for photography in the USA.

Everything you snap just ... comes out.

Lupines in the snow.

Chipmunk or not?

Stopped by Salt Creek Falls.

Saw a few nice vine maples.

Deer in my parents field.

Damming the willamette.

McKenzie Pass - we hit it exactly right for the fall color.

This is a point at which the stream goes underground.

Mom and Dad

Weather was not so good in the lava beds.

Stopped by Rogue Creamery on the way down.

They used to have really great prices on great cheese ... until they got famous.

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