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2008.06.22  Big Island Anniversary 2008
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Room at the Hilton Waikoloa Village

This hotel is sort of an adult disneyland thing - Flamingo Pond

They have a dolphin lagoon ( atlantic bottlenose ), and a swim with the dolphins program.

Linda dances with Dolphin

We actually went there as part of Dolphin Days - including dinner with Top Chef contestant Marcel Vigneron

Boat hoists at South Point

Linda and Albert at South Point


Hiked out to the viewing location to see lava flowing into the sea.

Once it got to be night time, we could see the glow.

Setup for the Dolphin Days tasting event.

Okay. Time to snorkel.

Found a sea turtle.

Breadfruit tree.

This is at the somewhat underdeveloped World Botanic Gardens

Torch Gingers


Rainbow Eucalyptus


Costus ginger

Anniversary Dinner

Went on a wagon tour of the Waipio Valley. Papays growing close to the starting point.

Cotton plant growing in a garden.

Flower of the cotton plant - yes, it's a hibiscus relative.

Bananas ripening near the tour headquarters.

View on the drive down into the valley.

Taro being farmed on a small scale.

Culinary tour of a small farm near Waimea.

Huge bromeliad.

Radar towers on a waimea cattle ranch.

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