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2010.12.07  The Fat Duck at Home
TAGS: food, cooking, foie

We enjoy foie gras on occasion, and I always wanted to try making it at home.  It's an involved process.

Whole moulard duck liver ( fresh ) from Sonoma.

The liver.

Cut up and soaked in milk

Curing spices - mostly salt and white pepper.

Also Sauternes used in curing.

Liver has been deveined, coated with spices, soaked in Sauternes.

Also had to make brioche.

Marinated liver wrapped in a towel, then poached for 2 minutes at 68C.

Loaves of Brioche are ready.

Torchon is re-wrapped after poaching and cooling - not very cohesive at this stage.

Re-wrapped torchon is hung in the fridge for a day.

Wrapped in plasic after a day of hanging - it is now very hard.

Torchon removed from the fridge.

Slices cut with a hot knife.

Plated with dried cherries, prunes, kosher and himalayan pink salt, black pepper, peach preserves, olallie berry preserves.

Close-up of the plating.

Finally, served with sauternes and a toasted slice of brioche.

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