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2011.04.16  Anchor Brewing Dinner
TAGS: beer dinner, palo alto

Anchor is one of the oldest craft breweries in the USA - older than even Sam Adams. And they've been brewing their California Common Beer ( Steam Beer ) in open, shallow ships since the seventies.

They were originally resurrected by Fritz Maytag, heir to the washing machine magnate. He sold them a year or so ago to some investors, but the brewery continues with better distribution now.

California Cafe has started doing some pretty nice beer dinners, and they are able to get the brewers or reps in to talk about the beers. We had some nice beers ad got to hear a lot of stories from a guy who's been there since the 1980's.

The Guy From Anchor - very talkative.

Other diners - it was in the main dining room and kind of hard to hear.

As always, the two breads with herbed oil.

First Dish: Pork Belly.

2nd Dish - braised port stuffed pepper, slaw.

Duck Breast

Poached Pear

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