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2008.03.22  Portugal, Spain, Morocco and London
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Ready for a three week trip - we packed a little heavier than usual.

We flew United across the country and across the Atlantic.

We took the train into the city...

Here's the huge train station.

Chinese food available pretty much everywhere except certain parts of Morocco.

German McDonald's

A monument to the all powerful Euro.

And a famous german brand...

We flew the Portugese airline to Lisbon.

View of Lisbon from a park, on the evening of our arrival.

This tropical garden was closed, and we never did get to visit. But we peeked in the gate.

Our Hotel.

Lisbon is built on 7 hills, and they have this elevator...

It carries people up to a higher street.

They also have these railcars.

Lisbon subway station.

On a morning trip to Sintra.

Fanciful food containers in Sintra Palace.

These twin smokestacks are right above the palace kitchen.

This kitchen is no longer used. They do have an oven that can cook a whole cow, though.

An example of Manuellian style - somewhat moorish, but curvey.

Antenna farm on the roof of an apartment building.

We saw a cathedral and a monestary in Lisbon that afternoon.

This is all part of the cloister.

This bridge bears a certain resemblance to another famous one. Same builder... much more recent.

We stopped by a memorial to Portugal's days as a sea power showing their colonies and contacts abroad.

We left our tour for a while and climbed to the top of the monument.

That night, we had an organized Fado dinner.

We stopped the next day in a town called Evora.

We arrived in Seville in the evening and went for a walk.

This was our first contact with the Holy Week processions of Southern Spain.

Each church dresses up kind of like the KKK and parades holy icons of the virgin and christ to the cathedral and back.

It's a really big event for the city.

After seeing a procession, we stopped for gelado.

The next morning, we had a tour of the city.

Including the Plaza Espana - which might be familiar to some Star Wars fans.

The most interesting thing is it's actually a goverment office building as well as a monument of sorts.

We also saw a portion of the old city wall - not too much remains.

Palm leaf.

We visited the church of the Macarena.

They were readying for their procession on Thursday.

Our tour also visited the Alcazar of Seville - it's still in use as a working palace.

The style is moorish, the workmen came for all sorts of backgrounds, but it was built by Christians for Christian use.

It's famous for its beautiful gardens - containing many bitter Seville Orange trees.

Spain has the most wonderful acorn-fed ham.

That afternoon, we saw another procession, this one in the daylight.

The floats in Seville are carried on the necks of the faithful - who are concealed underneath.

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