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2009.07.18  Cyrus
TAGS: dinner, healdsburg, birthday

Figaro Cocktail(Fig/Cardamom Foam Martini)

Summertyme Cocktail(Gin/Cucumber/Sunflower Petals/Tyme)

Canapes. From Top: Beer Spherification, Lychee & PassionfruitMiddle: Pretzel, Roasted Golden BeetBottom: Tomato Tart

Caviar Cart - We had American Paddlefish 1/2oz.

Caviar Accompaniments

Caivar Accompaniments. Close - potato cake, Far - Grits cake

American Paddlefish Caviar, 1/2 oz

2 Butters & 2 Salts.Back - Hawaiian Red Sea Salt & Goat Butter from TurlockFront - Malden Sale & Local Butter from Spring Hill

Amuse - Cooked Peaches

Spot Prawn Sashimi with Cucumbers and Melon

Silken Tofu with Kombu, Scallions and Yuzu

Torchon of Foi Gras with Tamarind and Dates

Ragout of Peas, Chanterelles and Pickled Ramps, Bantam Egg

Turbot with Corn and Scallions, Shiso-Ginger Dashi

Corn and Black Truffle Risotto with Taleggio

Duck Breast with Rosti Potatoes and Peppers, Sherry Jus

Ricotta Stuffed Squash Blossom with Haricots Verts Tomato Vinaigrette

Cyrus BLT ( Pork Belly/Warm Tomato/Lettuce ) Fried Green Tomato

Morel and Tomato "Pasta Fagioli", Vin Santo Glaze

Cheese Plate. CCW from bread - Valency, Some US Goat Cheese, Some US Sheep Cheese, Portugese Sheep Cheese w/Thistle Rennet: SERRA DA ESTRELLA, Great Hill Blue Cheese, Roquefort.

Birthday Bong

Egg Cream

Cookies from Birthday Bong ( Shaved Chocolate Applied by Balloon )

First Dessert - Cherry & Pistachio Ice Cream Sandwich, Cardamom Streusel

Chocolate Cake and Watermelon

Strawberry Rhubarb Bread Pudding

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