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2011.06.01  Tanto with Wei and Fenny
TAGS: dinner, sashimi, sunnyvale

Well, where else would you be able to live within easy walking distance of an izakaya?  Not that many places, I guess.

We met Wei and Fenny and their daughters for dinner at this place, which is otherwise popular with Japanese businessmen after work.  In fact, Linda's CEO and a co-worker happened to wander by and then wander off again when they found they'd have to wait an hour to get a table.

Good food and good company ... and an easy walk back home in the dark.  The only thing missing was uni, which is a sort of a specialty, and which they were completely out of.  We think it was because the weather off the CA coast has not been the best recently ... guess we have to go back another time.

Shochu selection.

We could not get a straight answer as to what Globefish Fillet Sake actually is.

Wei is starting her young.

The rest of the happy family.

Sashimi Salad.

Wonderful Yaki Onigiri.

Agedashi Tofu

A seafood/yamaimo okonomiyaki thing.

Hamachi Tataki

Tai Carpaccio

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