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2011.05.03  Pho Garden Challenge
TAGS: mountain view, dinner, food, challenge

We went here for the challenge once before, and I convinced Linda she did not want to do it.  But when her friend Roni beat the challenge, she decided she wished she *did* do it.  So here we are again with some co-workers.  

Kenny and Linda participated in the challenge.  $22 for a bowl containing 2lbs of noodles and 2lbs of meat - equivalent to 4 extra large size bowls of pho.  Finish it within an hour and it is free, plus you get to keep the bowl and get your photo on the wall.  Lose, give up and you get a t-shirt.

Many try, but few succeed.

You have to sign a waiver saying you won't sue...

The regular menu includes mostly pho, but also some garlic noodles and appetizers.

Special Challenge Utensils.

You get one hour to finish the bowl. You don't have to finish the soup; just the noodles and meat.

The rest of us got regular combination pho, except Penny who got garlic noodles.

Christina got a coconut.

It's a big bowl.

And they're off!

The key is to eat the noodles as quickly as possible, keeping them out of the broth so they don't absorb too much water.

Not bad, and not a huge bowl either.

Penny telling the world about the competition.

And getting angles.

Perhaps we are slowing down a bit?

Yeah. These are pretty filling noodles.

See? Finished.

Still quite a bit left.

Just one more spoonfull!

Time's up.

No winners tonight, but two food comas for sure. It is telling that they have plenty of bowls, but they were out of t-shirts.

At least we could take the leftovers to go - about 3 quarts each.

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