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2011.05.08  SFCHEFSUNITE Japan Benefit
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Held at the California Culinary Academy Restaurant space.

Pre-dinner cocktails included a riff on a pisco sour, a sour lambic peach beer, ginger-orange soda and some bottled ice teas.

Danny Bowien from Mission Chinese

Michael Hung of Bushi-Tei

The Pisco Sour - but green tea infused with nutmeg and strawberry on top.

Jennifer Tsan, our gracious hostess.

Black sesame profiterole with Wasabi Pea

Tequila cocktail

Tasting of Radishes with yuzu, chili, chicken skin, bonito by Chad Newton of FK Restaurants and Hospitality

Chad Newton of FK Restaurants and Hospitality pictured with the guy who made the tequila cocktail.

Georgian Wine

Warm Egg Custard with Duck Confit, Pulled Skate Wing, Sea Urchin Roe, Kinome Boullion. By Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese.

Danny Bowien of Mission Chinese pictured with Jennifer Tsan, event organizer.

On the right is Alex Fox of Bar Tartine, who poured some very intersting wines and a Sake for us.

Slovenian Rose Sparkling Wine. They do not riddle this, so the yeast remains in the bottle and contributes to flavor and mouthfeel.

Varieties of Rice; Cured Ocean Trout Onigiri, Carnaroli Rice and Rock Shrimp Ochazuke by Michael Hung of Bushi-Tei.

Michale Hung of Bushi-Tei and Alex Fox of Bar Tartine.

Terry Akiyama of the Japanese Cultural and Community Center.

Kolsch from Social Kitchen infused with a special tincture from Jesse Friedman, the Beer and Nosh guy.

Fried Japanese Rockfish with Mushroom Dashi Sauce by Michael Black of Sebo.

Michael Black, Sebo.

Controlled Chaos at the Pass

Jordan Grosser of Stag Dining Group

Miso Veal Breast with Grilled Eryngi, Black Garlic, Artichoke, Hot Mustard.

Honey Wort Pie; Pickled Kumquat, Miso Ice Cream by Jake Godby of Humphrey Slocum.

Jake Godby, Humphrey Slocum Ice Cream.

Spoils of the Silent Auction.

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